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Industries Inc.?

We do one thing extremely well: We create B-to-B specialty protection products for a full-range of materials. We support our customers every step of the way. Product performance, in both water- and solvent-based versions, delights our customers. Batch consistency and on-time delivery are assured.

We meet or exceed the requirements of some of the most demanding customers in the world. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what customers say about us.

Our videos for professionals in Textiles; Glass; Leather; Auto; Marine; Fire Retardants; Metal/Fiberglass; Masonry/Concrete – demonstrate our products’ performance.


The company’s proven, high- performance products have earned more than an estimated $3 billion in global sales, at-retail, since its beginnings in 1979.  More exciting products are in the R&D pipeline, and that means enhanced ROI for customers of Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc.


Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc. introduces KARPETCRYL®, a super hydrophobic carpet and rug treatment for industry professionals, in multi-formats – including aerosol.  This powerful new protection is ideal for wool, nylon and modern polymers.


The company launches a new nano technology glass treatment that harnesses the effectiveness of the company’s super-hydrophobic research.  Ideal for the automotive aftermarket, the glass treatment actually adheres to the glass, for long-lasting water-repellency.


Company introduces first 100% water based, water repellent coating for glass.


Company introduces a water based, scratch resistant glass coating.


Company certifies their fire retardants to be PBDE free.


Company certifies their textile protection products to be PFOA free.


Company launches leather protection and maintenance products.


Company certifies their textile protection products to be PFOS free.


The 100th B-to-B protective product was created by Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc.


Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc. begins development of super-hydrophobic coatings.  These create an almost imperceptible thin layer of air on top of a surface, and cause liquids to bead upon the surface.  Thus, potential stains can be wiped away before they are absorbed by material fibers.


Manny Vickers

With his wife, Connie, Vickers launches Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc., with a $500 investment.  He invents – personally and, later, with members of his staff – hundreds of protective products, many of which are still in use today.


The company pioneered Retail Applied Fabric treatments to furniture stores.