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The company has added several products that are registered with the CALIFORNIA DTSC. These products assure the user of compliance while preserving the same easy application procedures as before. (Check out our write-up in InTECH on pages 62-63/68!)

Fiber-Shield Industries Inc., a leading Business-to-Business supplier of specialty water, soil and stain cleaning and repellency products, has now released its brand new professional grade Fast-Kleen Foam Cleaner for fabrics. Created for interior design and furniture professionals, this proven, made-in-the-U.S.A. water-based spot cleaner is ideal for water-safe fabrics (W, WS codes). (Read More)

Created for the needs of industry professionals, these PFAAS-free products are the latest in Fiber-Shield Industries’ long line of water, soil, and stain repellents and are engineered to bond with each strand of fiber, unlike products that slide off. (Check out our write-up in InTECH on pages 46-47/68!)

Founded by President and Technical Director Manny Vickers and his wife, Connie, in 1979 as Future Living, the company has come a long way on its journey to become Fiber-Shield. The proof? Manny, a chemist by trade who’s extremely hands-on with the company, recently completed his 10,000th experiment. (Check out our write-up in InTECH on pages 46-47/68!)

Fiber-Shield Industries Inc., a leading supplier of specialty protection products and related materials, has launched the professional-grade FAST-KLEEN, which cleans virtually all carpet and rug spots and stains. (Check out our write-up in What’s Looming on pages 76-77/84!)

Fiber-Shield Industries Inc., a leading supplier of specialty protection products and related materials, today celebrated its 42nd anniversary. In addition, the company announced a corporate rebranding, which underscores its pledge to help customers succeed in today’s challenging marketplace. (Read More)

In May, specialty protection products maker Fiber-Shield Industries Inc. celebrated its 42nd anniversary by launching a corporate rebranding strategy. (Read More)

In tandem with the rise in home furnishings product sales, as Americans spend more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic and focus on sprucing up their homes, Fiber-Shield Industries has seen sales of its fabric and carpet soil and stain repellents rise significantly.


“We will finish the year ahead of 2019 and now we are really seeing a big surge,” said Manny Vickers, who founded the company more than 40 years ago and expanded its offering over the decades. “Our textile soil and stain repellents both for carpet and fabrics have done extremely well. Retail and online sales have increased substantially as our distributors place our products in those venues. (Read More)

As the president and chief operating officer of Fiber-Shield Industries Inc., a 48-year-old Yaphank firm that makes products that protect fabric, wood, carpeting, leather, glass, metal, masonry and vehicles, Vickers increasingly hears from customers seeking custom-made treatments. They want these products not only to be multi-purpose — as in offering stain protection and resistance to ultraviolet rays, abrasion, soil, fire or water and oil — but less expensive and better-performing than competitive products on the market. (Read More) [Editorial correction: In the initial article–dated in 2017–Newsday incorrectly stated that the company was 48 years old at the time of printing. The correct age of the company at that time was 38 years]

According to Vickers, communications tactics in the B-to-B business world has evolved, as veteran company management passes the leadership baton to a new generation. “It is increasingly clear that social media platforms are a powerful tool in reaching today’s younger B-to-B management,” Vickers said. (Read More)

Fiber-Shield has been an early advocate for 1,4 dioxane-free cleaning solutions. “We chose many years ago to develop 1,4 dioxane free products because even back then there were negative reports associated with this ingredient.,” said Vickers, an accomplished research and development chemist, who celebrated Fiber-Shield’s 40th anniversary last year. (Read More)

—, February 2020

“Unless retailers can be assured that their vendors can offer alternative technologies for carpet and rug protection, I believe that in a very short time they are going to be following the lead that Home Depot and Lowe’s have set,” said Manny Vickers, president and COO of Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc., a maker of applied carpet and rug protection products. (Read More)

—, November 2019

According to Vickers, the recent signing of the 1,4-dioxane ban in cleaning and personal care products by New York State’s Governor Andrew Cuomo may well be a precursor to similar legislation throughout the U.S. “The industry saw the handwriting on the wall, yet it is surprising to see how so many major industry players failed to anticipate this ban and are now scrambling to comply,” he said. “For them, the race is on. It will take a lot of time, and who knows what will happen to product efficacy and prices,” Vickers said. “Our customers, happily, are in great shape.” (Read More)

This powerful new protection for suede, nubuck and non-top coated, or open-faced, leathers is ideal for products in a variety of markets, including footwear, apparel and furniture. While beautiful, the open pores of such material absorb soil and water easily. (Read More)

—, April 2019

This newest carpet protector from Fiber-Shield Industries Inc. comes less than a year after the worldwide debut of Karpetcryl® Viscose. It is engineered to bond with each strand of sisal fiber — unlike other products that slide off. The result is powerful protection against common stains such as wine, coffee, pet accidents and more for this fast-growing market segment. (Read More)

—, March 2019

KARPETCRYL is effective and safe on all leading materials used today, including wool, nylon and modern polymers. Customizable and safe, there is also an aerosol-grade KARPETCRYL. None of these superhydrophobic products made by Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc. contain any PFOs, PFOAs, or PBDEs. (Read More)

—, September 2017

Created for carpet and rug professionals, this proven, made-in-the-U.S.A. water-based spot cleaner is ideal for water-safe carpets and contains no VOCs or propellants. (Read More)

—, February 2019

Fast-Kleen is fitted with the latest bag-on-valve spray technology, which means 360-degree operation and virtually complete evacuation, for convenient and economical usage. A non-aerosol, squirt bottle version of the product is also available. (Read More)

—, January 2019

In this exclusive interview, Vickers explains how his company’s success is tied to anticipating the needs of the market and developing safe new technologies that will be profit-boosters for carpet and rug dealers. (Read More)

—, September 2019

Now the company is bringing a new super-hydrophobic carpet and rug treatment called KARPETCRYL® to industry professionals worldwide (read full story). Fiber-Shield Industries Inc. is marketing this state of the art product to floor covering specialty retailers and to carpet cleaning companies in a program he says makes for a happy customer and an improved bottom line. (Read More)

—, November 2017