Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc.

Fire Retardants - No PBDE's

PBDE-Free Fire Retardant Products

Fiber-Shield offers environmentally friendly fire-retardant products approved by the City of New York Board of Standards and Appeals, California Fire Marshall, and the New York Fire Department. Our products work on virtually all fabrics without changing the aesthetics. They are guaranteed to be tested and certified independently in 2005 and 2019.

Flame Shield®

An environmentally friendly fire-retardant approved by the City of New York Board of Standards and Appeals, Fire Department of New York and California Fire Marshall for textiles and other porous surfaces.

Fiber-Shield® Ink Remover

An aqueous emulsion designed to remove fresh and old ink stains from top coated leathers.  (Also available in an easy-to-use pen)


An alcohol-based leather water repellent that is especially designed for spray operations. It will impart notable water/soil and stain repellency to virtually all unfinished leathers, such as, but not limited to, suede and nubuck.

Fiber-Shield® Leather Cleaner

 An aqueous emulsion designed to clean surface soil, stains, grease and oil from top-coated as well as aniline, semi-aniline, suede and nubuck leathers.

Fiber-Shield® Leather Revitalizer

A polymeric water system.  When properly applied, this product will clean, re-moisturize and beautify finished (top coated) leather. Also increases abrasion resistance and fade resistance.

Fiber-Shield® Leather Protector

A polymeric emulsion in water and will impart notable soil, stain, and water repellency to top coated and water-safe leathers. This product should not be used on natural leathers such as, but not limited to, suede, pigskin and kid glove leathers. Special care should also be provided if the use is intended for aniline dyed leathers as these leathers can be easily damaged by water.