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Fabric and Carpet Water, Soil, and Stain Repellents

Whatever the carpet, Fiber-Shield has the right product to help keep them looking cleaner and newer longer. View Fiber-Shield products and description below:

Don’t let the daily whoopsies get you down! Fiber-Shield has the perfect spot remover to save your carpets from the little messes of everyday traffic. We offer an excellent new cleaner that removes virtually all spots and stains, new and old, from water-safe carpeting pronto. It works on soil, coffee, cola, sauce, juice, oil, etc.

Keep all your leather items looking newer with our leather care products that impart excellent water, soil, and stain repellency to all top-coated leathers and natural, non-coated leathers! Our leather revitalizer will keep your leather surfaces looking like new with regular use for years to come.

Safe nanotechnology lets you see the difference when using Fiber-Shield Industries’ Glass Water Repellents!

We have environmentally friendly fire retardants approved by the City of New York Board of Standards and Appeals, Fire Department of New York, and California Fire Marshall for textiles and other porous surfaces.