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Fiber-Shield Product Information

Whether you are a formulator or applicator, Fiber-Shield has what you need in USA-made professional-grade products. Independent laboratory tests also confirm that no PFOS, PFAS, PFAAS components can be found in our soil and stain repellents. Need a sample or more information? Talk to us.

Fiber-Shield® goes straight to the source of the problem. Fiber-Shield® soil, stain, and water repellents use the latest formulation technologies in next-generation polymers to deliver strong, long-lasting repellency that penetrates and binds deep into the fibers. This action starts within minutes after the initial drying period, increases significantly after 24 hours, and reaches maximum stain repellency after 72 hours. Once the treated surfaces are dry to the touch, they can be used (usually 1-4 hours at room temperature). For fine leathers, we recommend Suedecryl®.

Fiber-Shield® provides a safety net for unintentional spills. Thanks to Fiber-Shield’s soil and stain repellents, you won’t have to worry about dirty puppy paws or spilled afterschool snacks. Unlike simple silicone products, which repel only water, Fiber-Shield® soil and stain repellents, when dry, give invisible, odorless superhydrophobicity that repels virtually all stains except for acids, dyes, or bleaches. After drying, the feel, the look, and the fire-retardant properties of the fabrics remain the same.

Fiber-Shield® is a smart investment for your peace of mind. Fiber-Shield® soil and stain repellents help boost abrasion resistance while also providing long-lasting aesthetics. Colors stay brighter for longer, and furniture looks newer for longer. Fiber-Shield’s non-toxic, non-flammable, and hypoallergenic qualities make it safe to use almost anywhere after drying. Fiber-Shield® Applicators provide excellent individual service plans.*

For more information, contact your local Fiber-Shield®Distributor/Applicator and ask for details and a demonstration.

*Fiber-Shield does not make a warranty of any kind, including implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. All warranties that may be provided are provided solely and exclusively by applicators, dealers, distributors of Fiber-Shield. The company shall not be liable for any Distributor/Applicator warranties.

*Excludes bleaches, acids, dyes, corrosives, and other extreme or unusual conditions.