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Fiber-Shield® Fast Kleen

This product is the new GREEN cleaner that everyone is raving about! It effectively removes virtually all spots from water-safe carpets, including pet stains. It comes as a “Green BOV Aerosol” 14-ounce can or an 8-ounce squirt bottle with satisfaction or your money back guarantee! Our product will remove all spots and stains from water-safe carpeting pronto! It works on soil, coffee, cola, soy sauce, grape juice, oil, and more (except acids, dyes, and bleaches).

The most advanced carpet and rug spot/stain remover of its kind.  It will effectively remove both oil and water-based spots from water-safe carpeting, such as, but not limited to, salad dressing, pizza sauce, coffee, soy sauce, grape juice, blood, red wine, motor oil and many more even if they have been on the carpet for weeks, months, or even years. This product also works incredibly well on fresh pet stains (It will not remove, effectively, spots caused by acids, bleaches, or permanent dyes). (Available in 14 oz BOV spray can, and 8 oz spray bottle).  Contains no 1,4 Dioxane, and PFOS/PFOA/PFAAS free.